5 Ways to Layer Synth Sounds


5 Ways to Layer Synth Sounds Ever thought your track sounds one dimensional with no width or depth. This blog post well tell you how to make your track sound bigger. By Adrian Earnshaw There will be times when you have finished writing your latest masterpiece but the overall sound feels one dimensional. In this […]

Batch Resave Kontakt


This short blog post will show you how to speed up your loading times in Kontakt by using batch resave.

Latest YouTube Videos


Latest YouTube Videos It has been a busy old time over on YouTube with a raft of music & tutorial videos. In this post we take a quick tour and catch up. Please visit my YouTube channel and subscribe. Over the last few months I have been releasing a number of music videos including short […]

Data Disaster Recovery Solutions


Data Disaster Recovery Solutions In this article we explore how you can protect your data if the worst should happen. By Adrian Earnshaw As the dust settles on the Universal Music Group fire, where a number of recording tapes where lost, it is time to look at our own personal data storage backup plans. In […]

How to compose music, fast

Have you wondered how some musicians manage to consistently produce music at a steady pace? This article shows you how.