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It has been a busy old time over on YouTube with a raft of music & tutorial videos. In this post we take a quick tour and catch up. Please visit my YouTube channel and subscribe.

Over the last few months I have been releasing a number of music videos on YouTube including short tutorial lessons. First up we have a track from my latest album Organics Vol.1. This is the fourth track on the album, which starts off with a calm pizzicato style synth pattern. It then launches into a more upbeat tone with a catchy melody line. You can purchase the full album over in the shop, where you can listen to short snippets of the album.  

Kontakt – Batch Resave

I have seen a number of posts on Facebook and general music forums about how slow Kontakt can be to load sample libraries. One way of speeding loading times up is to batch resave each individual library. It’s not a good idea to perform this task in bulk as Kontakt can get easily confused when batch resaving. So if you have a fair number of libraries like me, this task can take some time.

I put a little video together showing how to batch resave within Kontakt.

Competition Entry

When I compose music I normally start with the, well, music first. Bit of a doh! moment but humour me a while. Just to try a different creative process I put together a timelapse video from several snippets and made it a random length. The challenge was then to write a piece for the actual video. This way I was confined to create and develop my idea within the constrains of the video length.

This method helped me write a nice ambient/electronic mellow piece of music. It also ended up being my entry for a competition.

Coming Up

This is a small selection of what has been happening over on my YouTube channel, which would not exist if I did not have your support. I would like to thank you all individually for your comments and words of encouragement, it truly means a lot.

There is more exciting news to come as I have just finished a collaboration with Benedict Roff-March. This started off as a single track collaboration, but quickly turned into a full album of ambient music. I would like to thank Benedict for reaching out to me and suggesting this project, so go please and check out his website

I will be posting more information about the as yet untitled album and an upcoming post with links of where you can listen to it.

Adrian Earnshaw

Adrian Earnshaw

Musician, Composer & Producer

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