20th December 2019
Omnisphere Stack Mode

Stack mode in Omnisphere is not only a way of stacking various patches It also provides a way to design and shape your sound.

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27th November 2019
5 Ways to Layer your Synth Patches for a Bigger Sound

Ever thought your track sounds one dimensional with no width or depth. This blog post well tell you how to make your track sound bigger.

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3rd November 2019
How to Batch Resave in Kontakt

This short blog post will show you how to speed up your loading times in Kontakt by using batch resave.

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30th October 2019
Latest YouTube Videos

It has been a busy old time over on YouTube with a raft of music & tutorial videos. In this post we take a quick tour and catch up. Please visit my YouTube channel and subscribe.

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26th October 2019
Data Disaster Recovery Solutions

In this short article I provide insight on how I look after my data. This provides a small insight on how you should always prepare for the worst.

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6th October 2019
How to compose music, fast

Have you wondered how some musicians manage to consistently produce music at a steady pace? This article shows you how.

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