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I fell in love with playing, performing and writing music from an early age and feel blessed to be able to share my talent with you.

Living in a lovely coastal town in North West England, there’s a lot of scenery to help the creative flow.

I provide music for media libraries and released a number of albums, which you can purchase in the store and stream from all good media outlets.

If you require music for your next project get in touch and we can start work.

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Studio Tour – 2020

During the month of January I set on the task to rewire and tidy up the studio. Those wire Gremlins certainly did a number.

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Should I Bounce MIDI to Audio?

You have just finished your latest project using a number of software and hardware synthesizers. All the parts have been recorded using MIDI, you print your project and then move on to the next one. But should you bounce those parts to audio first?

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